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Fran Studio OÜ more

Land: Estland
Region: Estland
Ort: Jõhvi
Straße: Narva mnt 8
Telefon: +372 56 944876
Fax: +372 3346 888
Firm Rank: 0
Fran Studio is created by the team of the high-class experts in the matters of stretch ceiling producing and mounting. Long-term experience on the construction market allowed us to create our manufacture of stretch ceilings with the Fran Studio trade mark. The strict, cultivated for years selection of the components, highly developed manufacturing method, product delivery inputs optimization, the highest level of servicing of each client are the main constituents of the successful work of our co[...]

DESI-E AS more

Land: Estland
Region: Estland
Ort: Tallinn
Straße: Peterburi tee 71
Telefon: +372 6 205141
Fax: +372 6 205141
Firm Rank: 0
We offer energy saving the Mill DESI 31 M2HS and the complete Plant for fine and ultra fine grinding in super fine powder Calcium Carbonate,Talc, Mica,Titanium Dioxide, Pigments and other alike products. Our more than 35 year experience, as the producer of grinding equipment, is basis of development energy saving grinding equipment for high qualitative product. Our equipment provides various characteristics of end product fineness, as: Below 1 micron (Titanium Dioxide), below 5 microns 97%, below[...]