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Comeco de Vida Industria e Comercio ltda more

Land: Brasilien
Region: Brasilien
Ort: Concordia
Straße: Rua Clovis Cesar de Oliveira, 360, Salas 1 e 2, Bairro Santa Cruz
Telefon: +55 49 33232362
Fax: +55 49 33232362
Firm Rank: 0
Since 1995 making cradle and bath accessories to babies, Comeco de Vida increases its place in the market and wishes to enchant you with new collections. We have objectives of introduce our lines in developed countries that can recognize our differenced lines, all produced with selected cotton, with environmental care and without any kind of slave or children workers in our staff. Our exporter mix are composted inicially by four kinds of Products: Cradle Blanket and Bumpers 6 Pieces Set, Cradle[...]