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Land: Litauen
Region: Litauen
Ort: Jonava
Straße: Fabriko 3
Telefon: +370 349 62118
Fax: +370 349 62116
Firm Rank: 0
JSC “Medienos staklės“ was established in Jonava, Lithuania, in 2000. Its establisher is Flemming Hansted- a Danish Citizen, a specialist in wood processing, having Scandinavian experience in tools, plywood shield and furniture production. Today you can see the equipment, supplied by us, all over the territory of Lithuania. We also have customers in Latvia, Estonia, Byelorussia and Kaliningrad region. We cooperate with the furniture manufacturers having old traditions, as well as with[...]

varalda more

Land: Litauen
Region: Litauen
Ort: Vilnius
Straße: Raugyklos
Telefon: +370 5 2162418
Fax: +370 5 2162418
Firm Rank: 0
UAB "VARALDA" was established in 1999 by an entrepreneur with a decade of experience in precious metal recovery business. Since then the company has grown to become the second largest radio-electronic equipment scrap utilization plant in Lithuania. UAB "Varalda" puts a significant emphasis on the quality of its production and the production process efficiency. Each year, as our resources allow we invest into the qualification of our employees, modification of equipment and[...]


Land: Litauen
Region: Litauen
Ort: Alytus
Straße: Kaniuku km. Nemunaicio sen.
Telefon: +370 315 63545
Fax: +370 315 63423
Firm Rank: 0
We are manufacturing windows and doors from PVC, aluminum, wood, all so we producing glass units, we working with world wide company's like "Schuco", "Reynaers", "Sant Goben", "Graverlbel", "Roto Frank" and others.[...]