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Peru And Arts more

Land: Peru
Region: Peru
Ort: Cusco
Straße: Av. Libertad E-B-3
Telefon: +51 84 247354
Fax: +51 84 247354
Firm Rank: 0
Offering unique gifts including alpaca clothing, chullos, Peruvian jewelry, leather bags, decorative plates, Peruvian chocolates, ceramic pottery, decorative candles and Peruvian art all for your special occasions always at cheap prices. To see more products please visit our website www.PeruAndArts.com[...]

Artes Paola SRL more

Land: Peru
Region: Peru
Ort: Arequipa
Straße: Los Alamos D-2 Vallecito
Telefon: +51 01 4450504
Fax: +51 01 4450504
Firm Rank: 0
We are manufacturer of several articles from Peru, like wood and semiprecious stones sculptures, rugs and carpets in unique designs, ceramic with ethnic designs, furniture in wood with engraved leather, silver jewellery with exclusive ethnic’s designs. Also we offer develop designs for each client accord he request us, our prices are unique.[...]

Association of Mining Craftsmen of the Andean Region of Peru in South America more

Land: Peru
Region: Peru
Ort: Lima 31
Straße: Jiron Huanuco 3815
Telefon: +51 1 5680946
Firm Rank: 0
We are Miners Craftsmen of the Andean Region of Peru in South America. at the moment we needed to do joint Ventures with serious Investors. Peru is a rich Country in Mineral Resources. At the moment we have for sale a variety of semiprecious Stones of region Andean of Peru. with us. grace.[...]

G.R.F. Trading S.A. more

Land: Peru
Region: Peru
Ort: Lima
Straße: Javier Prado este 6651
Telefon: +51 1 3483660
Fax: +51 1 4402098
Firm Rank: 0
G.R.F. Trading S.A was established in 1998 as a Peruvian company dedicated to exporting high quality frozen and dried seafood products to the Asian markets. In 1999, demand for our products prompted us to expand to other international markets and enlarge our product base. In addition to our high quality frozen seafood products, we decided to provide health conscious customers with the best all-natural products and supplements necessary for leading longer, happier and healthier lives. In 2005,[...]