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HINCO Lendava Ltd. more

Land: Slowenien
Region: Slowenien
Ort: Lendava
Straße: Kolodvorska 43
Telefon: +386 2 5789030
Fax: +386 2 5789040
Firm Rank: 0
HINCO Lendava d.o.o. is an international operating company from Slovenia (EU) that is specialized in manufactoring and sale of candles, wholesale with candles from other producers and trading with wax products. Our aim is to conclude cooperation’s with distributors of candles and develop with them a long-term cooperation. We are also prepared and in the possibility to develop and produce candles, which are not in our production range at the moment; or to produce under buyers brand name. If[...]

Avizo d.o.o. more

Land: Slowenien
Region: Slowenien
Ort: Ljubljana
Straße: Cesta Ljubljanske brigade 23
Telefon: +386 1 5001600
Firm Rank: 0
Company for business and promotional gifts. Our core business is supplying big companies with promotional items, usually printed. We therefore suggest to our customers which promotional item should be the best for their occupation in general or specific promotional campaign, what kind of printing or sewing to use and then we supply the items.[...]