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Land:der Libanon

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Land: der Libanon
Region: der Libanon
Ort: Chweifat
Straße: Sector 21, Str. No. 59, Bldg. No. 102 Omaraa
Telefon: +961 5 481000
Fax: +961 5 481002
Firm Rank: 0
Background: Woodex Intl. comes from more than a 40 years old family business background as a heritage of four consecutive decades. Woodex Intl. know-how in timber trade industry is extensively gained from its long accumulated experience in East European & Siberian forests and mills. With our head office & warehouse in Lebanon, we jointly cooperate with global partners, suppliers and offshore affiliates in pace of the fast growing globalized wood trading industry. Mission & Vision[...]