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The Golden Group more

Land: Libyen
Region: Libyen
Ort: Tripoli
Straße: Off Airport Road, behind Brega Tank Farm
Telefon: +218 21 7303903
Fax: +218 21 7151478
Firm Rank: 0
The Golden Group Holding Company has been established in 2010, by a group of engineers actively working in Libya for more than 15 years, and specialized in several fields, including but not limited to mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, communication, and petroleum engineering, and looking for expanding their activities and developing their business in the fields of construction, infrastructure, and oil field services. The management staff has a wide range and experience in companies’ management[...]

Mosa Plastic factory more

Land: Libyen
Region: Libyen
Ort: Misurata
Straße: taorgha street
Telefon: +218 51 2618050
Fax: +218 51 2618050
Firm Rank: 0
musa group is a dynamic and growing business enterprise providing multiple service lines and products to clients at local, regional, and national markets. Since its establishment in 1985 musa group had grown from a small general trading company to a large, versatile national firm with resources of a large corporation with the atmosphere of a small one. This growth is the result of talented, dedicated employees and management, working toward a common goal to deliver success and satisfaction for[...]