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VCCI Trade and Service one member company limited more

Land: Vietnam
Region: Vietnam
Ort: Ha Noi
Straße: 9 Dao Duy Anh
Telefon: +84 4 37648690
Fax: +84 4 37648685
Firm Rank: 0
* The trade and service company (popularly known as TSC) was founded in 1988 and wholly owned by the chamber of commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI). The main purpose of TSC is to support the Chamber in its endeavors to bring foreign businesses together with its members in Vietnam. * Founded in 1963, Vietnam chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is an independent and non-governmental organization serving the needs and representing the interests of business community in Vietnam. VCCI is member[...]

Soi Dat more

Land: Vietnam
Region: Vietnam
Ort: Ho Chi Minh city
Straße: 21B Le Van Chi st, Linh Trung.wards, Thu Duc
Telefon: +84 8 7221507
Fax: +84 8 7221508
Firm Rank: 0
Aardwolf Pty. Ltd. is an Australian Company founded to produce a line of slab lifting clamps and material handling equipment for the stone Industry. The first items produced by Aardwolf Pty. Ltd. were a range of lifting clamps. The lifting clamps (properly called The Aardwolf Lifters) are based on the patented invention of Mr. James Corbett who is also the sole director and shareholder of Aardwolf Pty. Ltd. Mr. James Corbett patented a lifting device in 1995, which has now developed into a range[...]

songhong corp more

Land: Vietnam
Region: Vietnam
Ort: hanoi
Straße: an duong
Telefon: +84 43 8551319
Fax: +84 43 8551319
Firm Rank: 0
Dear S/M We are one of the top companies specializing in supplying Vietnamese labors source to foreign countries such as Russia, Cyprus, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Greece, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Macao, Brunei, South of America and Europe. We have supplied more than 5,000 well-trained, skillful and qualified workers, masons, domestic helps, engineers and etc… to those countries. We have plentiful labor sources that can satisfy requirement of recruitment companies. We need job[...]